○Green Day Songs 181/???

"One of [Train's] parents was born a hermaphrodite, and [their parents] cut off the penis. His/her whole life, this person wanted to be acknowledged as a man. The parents wanted the child to not be identified as a boy or a girl, and the child didn't really have a name --one week it's Tigger, another it's Train. Many years ago I wrote it down, and I always wanted to write a song called 'Little Boy Named Train.' [This] happened to someone else, but there's a part of me I was thinking about when I wrote it. There's a line: 'I'm always lost, I'll never change, give me directions and I'll get lost again.' Kind of autobiographical." 
-- Billie Joe

"Serious people are funny to me
Funny people seem so serious
I’m always lost and nothing will change
Give me directions, and I’ll get lost again”